Coronavirus! *in my Cardi voice.

First and foremost I want to say that my thoughts are with everyone who has tested positive for COVID19 and that my heart is with the families and loved ones of all who have lost someone to it. Would also like to mention that my thoughts and heart is also with everyone who is and will struggle financially as a result of the pandemic. 

I find myself writing this post because on Thursday March 12th, 2020 I read on the Richmond Public School website that the “schools would be closed for at least two weeks due to COVID19.” That’s right, there was not a specific date of return. Talk about stressed.

 I work inside the public school system but am not employed by rps so in other words, ya girl ain’t making no money during this coronavirus pandemic. 


Knowing that spring break was to start on April 6th, which wasn’t far away at all, I knew it was a possibility of them keeping the schools out until after spring break. After what seemed like two weeks, it was about Tuesday March 17th when I checked the rps website again and saw the update stating that schools would remain closed until April 13th. 

Baby, at this point I don’t know how much more I can take. 

So look, today marks exactly ten days since my last day of work and today they had the nerve to announce on the news that they are closing the schools for the remainder of the school year smh.


I am mentally all over the place due to having no income, basically no job, my living situation, and still having bills to pay. On another note, I don’t have to worry about when I will be returning to work and am now able to figure out my next move for the rest of the year. Also I have had time to realign my creative self and as you can see, re-brand my blog. 

Just a quick check in. Until next time. 


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