Look at you, back for more.


Usually I will start off by setting the scene of where I currently am and what I am currently doing; but honey, today it ain’t worth seeing. I’m talking pj’s, iPad propped on a basket because I’m deskless…just ghetto. Lol.

Wait, is that allowed? Huh #bloggerbabes is it? Can I say “lol” in my blog posts?

Side note: I love the fact that everything is “ghetto” now days…it is hilarious to me.

Anyway, if you are here from instagram to find out where I went and what I tried please drop an orange heart in the comments to let me know you’re from insta. If you aren’t following me on instagram, what are you waiting for? 


I’ll wait.

Alright, well let’s get right to it. The moment you all have been waiting for, drumroll please…

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That’s right folks, nowhere “exotic” just the Dunkin. You’re probably wondering why I have decided to make an entire post out of a Dunkin Donuts visit and baby, I am about to let you know. This decision was made for a couple of reasons, the first one being that ya girl tried the new plant based breakfast sandwich and wanted to let you know how it was. 

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Bomb. It was bomb. Now I do not eat eggs so I did get it without the egg but it was quite delicious. The “sausage” taste as if it had a slight spice or was an Italian flavor. The texture was semi firm, not mushy at all, and it did not look like “fake meat”. Just to sum it up, tasty and easy on the eyes. 

The second reason, and boy I hope you’re still hanging in there, is because I have the best girlfriend ever. 

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Going to DD was her idea. It was morning and we had things to do that day. I mentioned that I was hungry and she said that we would eat once we left. She decided on DD so that I could try the sandwich and we could eat breakfast at the same place. This isn’t the first time that she has made it her job to make sure that we can eat at the same location or that I will be able to eat something other than sides.

Let me just take a second to say how much I appreciate and love her. Literally every time that we eat outside of the house she ask what kind of food I’m in the mood for, looks up places, checks menus, the whole nine. If anyone asks us to go out to eat with them the very first question out of her mouth is “Do they have vegetarian options?”.

I don’t have to remind her that I do not eat meat. I do not have to make a big deal out of being a vegetarian. I don’t have to be concerned about ending up at a restaurant where all I can eat is fries. Every time we get seated at a restaurant, the first thing she does is pick up her menu and look for food that I can eat. I am her first thought not only when it comes to eating but everything and I can see that. Our visit to Dunkin was another reminder of this and I just wanted to share it with you.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, you a real one.

Let me know if you’ve tried the new plant based breakfast sandwich served at Dunkin Donuts and what you think about it. Also, feel free to use the comment section to show appreciation to your partner.


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