Hello beautiful people! It’s so nice of you to join me here today.

First things first, how are you holding up during quarantine? I am literally all over the place. My life is all over the place. Some days all I want to do is cry or lay down and do nothing the entire day. Other days I want to be super productive or go outside and do some sort of physical activity. Guess I am taking it one day at a time, it’s all we really can do. 

On to the post.

I decided to invite you on a walk with me. We shall walk and talk.

I am dressed in black Nike sweat shorts, a black sweater that has Ville written in big yellow letters across the front of it. I decided to spice the outfit up with a small gold chain, an oversized jean jacket, my white Chill Will hat, Maryland socks and my cute and comfy red Reeboks. Courtney is taking this walk with us. She’s wearing a purple tie dye shirt that reads “more self love” on a pocket that sits at the top left of her shirt, some grey sweatpants, a jean jacket and a small silver chain.

Now let’s walk. 

The sun is shining brightly as the wind dances all over the place. My eyes are clearly in competition with April showers in hopes of seeing May flowers a few weeks early. I’m just happy to be here, right in the middle of it all. Courtney looks back and then at me while shaking her head as if to say we haven’t gotten anywhere and we both laugh. A few seconds later she turns on the Nike Run app to track our distance. 

It feels good to be out and walking under the sun. Sitting in the house is driving me nuts. I am forced to face my current circumstances. Forced to be with people when I want to be alone. Forced to talk when all I want to do is listen to Natasha Bedingfeild Wild Horses in peace. Forced to face this reality that is currently my life. This walk is a break from that. It is allowing me to see the beauty in simple things again. 

There’s something about being outside enjoying nature that recharges me. We are almost at the train tracks now. We believe this could possibly be the halfway mark. Oh, and I didn’t mention it before but we are walking to this bridge that we drive across sometimes. We’ve made many plans to join the joggers and bikers that cross the bridge but never did. Today is the day we walk it. 

We made it to the tracks. At this point we’ve walked almost 2 miles, are you proud of yourself? This is an accomplishment for us. 

There’s an elementary school coming up on the right in a few minutes. It has a pretty big playground and the last time we drove by, there were more than ten kids playing there. So much for social distancing and small groups.

We both brought a bottle of water along for the trip and a few snacks. I of course grabbed Oreos and she decided to bring vanilla wafers and plain wrinkled chips. We reached the beginning of the school and there is a bench where we decide to take our first break. We notice a cute sign on a pole near the street and stop for pics first. 

Near the bench there are rocks that I assume have been decorated by the children that attend the school.

Some of the rocks have friendly reminders. The most needed reads “be yourself.”

We are walking again. I can’t believe we are actually walking this far. I haven’t walked this far in years but it is super refreshing. We pass a food truck that has tofu and chicken options, exactly what we need, but just so happens not to take cash. We put cash in our pockets on the way out the door so that in the event that we wanted to stop and make a purchase we would have to swipe our cards. I brought along my cash app card just in case though. We decided to pass for now and maybe stop on our way back. 

Just in case they were gone before we came back I asked for the store location but they only have the food truck and mentioned that I could visit the website to find out where they will be located daily. 

This walk gives me time to think differently. I can see my future a lot clearer when I am out of the house. I can see our future a lot more clear. I am more optimistic when I am outside of the house. I feel more encouraged outside of the house and even have more energy. I have to move. I snap out of the daze I’ve been in for the last few minutes. We’ve passed the cvs, the library we once visited frequently (before the Rona), and some beautiful houses. Finally we’ve reached the hill that leads to the bridge. 

We walked the hill and discovered there’s a trail in the woods that you can take that may lead closer to the water. We keep heading towards the bridge. It was absolutely beautiful.

We made it and the view was definitely worth it. Mother Nature must have been just as excited as us. The bridge began to sing as we walked alongside the rail with our eyes gazed on the water. “Is that the bridge?” Courtney asked. Indeed it was. The tone of rumbling that the bridge bellowed encouraged the wind to dance. And she did. Violently dancing all over the place. We took pictures of the view as best we could. Me with one hand holding my hat I wiped the tears from my eyes and stooped low to get a shot that didn’t include the rail.

We were more than halfway across the bridge but it was so cold over the water that we didn’t even walk to the end of the bridge. We turned around and headed back.

On the walk back I saw things that I didn’t see on the way to the bridge. Things that you would never notice while driving this very same street. The walk back was eye opening. We did stop at the food truck.

Courtney got two chicken egg rolls and I got two tofu egg rolls and a hot ginger cinnamon tea.

We loved those egg rolls and the dipping sauce was delicious. The tea was also super good and tasted fresh as if they made it from scratch.

Traveling back is always quicker. We are passing the school and I notice the reason the playground was empty when we passed it earlier. 

We blink and are at the train tracks. As soon as we cross the bell dings warning everyone that the train is coming. Of course we wait to try and snap pics.

Before we knew it we were on the street that leads to our complex. The app announced that we reached 6 miles. We walked a whole six miles. Well 6.29 to be exact.

What a walk to remember!

I know this is one of my longest posts yet and if you’ve made it this far I will love you forever. Feel free to tell me what you wore on this walk and some of the thoughts you had along the way. I hope you enjoyed this walk with me. We should do it again some time.

2 responses to “Take A Walk With Me”

  1. Courtney Avatar

    👏🏾🙌🏾 You did that !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Thank you! 🙂


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