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It has been a minute, I know. Since the stay at home order was issued I have been all over the place (mentally and emotionally). One minute I want to make the most out of quarantine and the next I am extremely sad and frustrated. What I am trying to say is that I made the decision to take this pandemic one day at a time. No more pressuring myself to use this time to be more productive or overwhelming myself with trying to figure out what life will be like when things return to “normal.” I have acknowledged the fact that the uncertainty of everything right now has me on edge; some days I will be extremely productive and active while other days I may not want to get out of bed. I had to learn to accept that and I did. I am feeling better now and currently back on payroll at my job. We are working from home taking online training courses until further notice. 

It is because of an assignment issued by them that I am introducing 9 Days of Reflection During The Pandemic. Each day will consist of a question for you to reflect on. The question for the next day will appear at the end of each post. I encourage you to reflect and come back the next day to share your response in the comments section of the corresponding post.

Day 1: During COVID-19 you realized you need to experience more..?


I realized that I truly need to live; this life is temporary. While I would say that I took advantage of the opportunities presented to me, I did not create opportunities for myself and others. I did a lot of waiting for the right moment or for the opportunity to present itself to me. Initially, I was slapped in the face with more financial realities: debt vs. income – or lack thereof, having $0 in my savings account, not taking my finances more seriously, etc. Things spiraled and the pandemic caused my mind to wander to many extremes: infinite social distancing, a predominately virtual life, and even death. I instantly began to think of all the things I have been wanting to do, and all the people I love but never give flowers to, all the places I want to visit. The possibility of leaving this earth without having done these things crushed me. You know the saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”? This was one of those moments for me. Always remember,

“There is no perfect moment, you have to take the moment and make it perfect.”

What is something you realized you need to experience more of, thanks to COVID-19?

Question for Day 2: What is the first activity or place that you want to return to?


5 responses to “9 Days of Reflection During The Pandemic”

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  4. Courtney Avatar

    I would say that I have more to experience in the world / life . There are plenty of things that I had taken advantage of or didn’t appreciate enough . Covid has given me a chance to miss these things , like going into a store without A mask or going on a date and actually sitting in the restaurant . I also said that I realized that I wanted to experience more life due to my most recent circumstances. Life is very short and time flies I have so much more to experience In this world .

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    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Exactly! The time is now.


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