You already know what time it is, we are back for another reflection question. Today is day five of the 9 Days of Reflection During The Pandemic series. If you have not read any of the previous reflection dtp posts you can check them out here. Side note: no matter when you see this post, feel free to respond to the questions. Share these questions on your social media if you like and have some healthy conversations with your followers. Now on to the question:

Day 5: What are some new principles or activities you want to incorporate in your new normal after the pandemic?

There are many principles and activities that I want to incorporate into my new normal after the pandemic. During this time I have been able to discover things that were missing from my life that are essential to my health and happiness. Physical activity is one of those things. I have always been pretty active but these past two to three years the only physical activity my body experienced was that of my everyday movements. However, not having anything to do during the stay at home order has given me the time and motivation to get active again. Other activities that I will incorporate into my new normal include: monthly travel, daily reading, meditation three times a day, writing daily, performing at spoken word events, and weekly family dinners to name a few. 

Most importantly the principle that will be incorporated into my new normal is that there will never be a “right time” or “perfect moment.” I have been waiting around for years and even though it isn’t the “perfect moment” I expected and does not seem like the “right time,” the time is now and I will make the moment perfect for me. I know that my life will change for the better because of this.

P.s. I didn’t go into detail about any of the things I mentioned above  but will do so per your request.

I look forward to hearing what activities and/or principles you plan to incorporate into your new normal after the pandemic. PLEASE SHARE! 

Question for Day 6: What do you believe are some things that no longer serve you and how will you continue without them after COVID-19?


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