With only three days left in the 9 Days of Reflection During The Pandemic series I am excited to see that you all are still hanging on and participating. As always, if you have not read any of the previous reflection dtp posts, you know I got the link for you…bam!

Oh and I haven’t mentioned it before but if you are a blogger and have your own reflection during the pandemic post link it in the comment section below after your response to the question. I will be sure to read and respond. Now let’s jump right in.

Day 6: What do you believe are some things that no longer serve you and how will you continue without them after COVID-19?

You know what they say, “if it no longer serves you, let it go.” Letting go is typically hard to do but for some of us the pandemic has made it a little easier. I am “some of us.” Being forced to stay home and away from the majority of the people that I am required to see on a daily/weekly basis has given me a strength that I haven’t had in a while.  The strength I needed to identify and acknowledge…

Three Things That No Longer Serve Me

Maintaining toxic relationships no longer serves me. 

I know you are probably sick of hearing the word toxic at this point but honestly some people really are toxic. Besides there are many ways in which a person can exhibit toxic behavior. Anyway, I have been able to clear my mind and gain a better understanding of who I am, what I allow, what I encourage, and how things affect me. This pandemic is what truly allowed me to see that maintaining toxic relationships was hindering me.

Self hate and self doubt no longer serves me.

For the past four or so years I have secretly experienced both self hate and self doubt. The pandemic alone is not how I came to the realization that these things no longer serve me. It is however what has pushed me to acknowledge and accept the fact that I possessed these characteristics. This has given me an opportunity to not only rid myself of such a negative way of thinking but to explore and acknowledge the greatness within.  I also realized that this is the reason for my stagnancy.

Taking on other people’s problems no longer serves me. 

I am an extremely genuine, caring, and empathetic person. People tend to love this about me. However, it has somewhat been of a disservice to my mental and emotional health. I take empathy to a whole nother level when it comes to the people that I love. I genuinely care and therefore their problems and feelings then become mine and I feel intensely about whatever it is. This means when there is something negative going on I am overwhelmed with emotions as if it happened to me and I am now responding with what “we” can do to fix this issue or get through it. Eventually this becomes draining and I am no longer able to be there for myself or anyone else. 

Continuing without them after COVID-19

Boundaries. After COVID-19 I will continue without these things by setting and abiding by personal boundaries. These boundaries will serve as guidelines to optimum mental and emotional health. 

All of these things lived in my life because I allowed them to. Just like a flower I watered them and gave them sunlight. I since realized that I have control over whether these things continue to live; I moved them from the window and no longer water them.

For a more indepth post regarding anything mentioned above, ask and you shall receive. 

Comment below all the things that no longer serve you and how you will continue without them after COVID-19.

Question for Day 7: List and describe 5 things you are grateful for.


4 responses to “9 Days of Reflection DTP: Day Six”

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  2. Khy Ye Avatar

    *seeing people’s growth (sorry don’t know where “the” came from)


  3. Khy Ye Avatar

    Good read, I love seeing the people’s growth.

    Some things that no longer serve me are certain relationships, fighting what I truly feel, allowing fear to hold me back, and feeling like I owe people because of who I consider them to be to me. This time (COVID-19) has allowed me to legit see everything for what it is. Although, I do think about reverting to my old self some days, I know they’ll only hurt me more and stunt my growth.

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    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Yes, I hear that! I can totally relate. It is good that you are recognizing the things because now you can change them. Tell me about it. Sometimes going back to our own ways just seems so much easier but just as you said, it will only hurt you and stunt your growth. Stay strong and keep pushing forward.

      Thank you for taking the time to read!


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