Overthinking It.

I sit on the bed in a red oversize T-shirt. Courtney is laying to the left of me watching Instagram videos. Bob Marley Redemption song dances from the speakers on the tv. It’s dim now. The light is no longer shining through the windows that line the wall to my right. The view is still nice.

I am excited to announce that the month of July is going to be super lit here at potuhgold the blog. I have a lot of new ideas that I will implement not only here but on my instagram and twitter as well. So be sure to follow me at both so that you won’t miss out. 

I have been in a weird space, creatively speaking, for about a month now. I find it even harder to create and share my work right now with everything being so heavy. I often feel as if it is insensitive of me to post anything that does not pertain to demanding that black victims of police brutality receive justice, black empowerment, black unity, putting an end to systemic racism, demanding an end to police brutality, etc. I honestly feel as if it is wrong of me to post anything else. I am assuming that I feel this way because of my desire to help my people. It has always been a dream of mine to pour into the black community; break generational curses, dismantle stereotypes, surpass racial expectations, and empower my people through experiences and education. It is as if I am presented with an opportunity to fight for my people but am not. As if posting to social media and going to the streets to protest are the only ways to fight and empower the black community at this moment.  

This post is for every other black person who feels the way that I do. I just want you to know that it is okay to post whatever you want on your social media accounts. As I mentioned in a previous post, there are many ways that you can help. As long as you are doing something to benefit your community and its end goal, then who cares what you post to social media.

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