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Last week was sort of emotional and slightly terrifying, but so much fun! Thank you all for being patient, respectful, and empathetic during the first week of themes as I decided to open up and be vulnerable with you.  In sharing such an intimate story I was able to face this part of my life head on and connect with you. 

As I stated before, to wrap up each week there will be an instagram live that takes place on Friday, as our weeks start on Sunday and end Saturday. I mentioned in our last insta live session , that Friday is the time for you to ask any questions you have regarding the theme of that week. You can also bring up topics to discuss that fall under that theme. Due to some instagram technical issues the live from Friday June 26th ended and did not prompt me to save the video. Though if you were there you would have heard me introduce the next theme as someone asked a question pertaining to it: “How do you know when to let go of a relationship?” I did answer that question there but maybe it is something we can further discuss this week. 

That’s right, the theme for this week is Relationships! Although I am sure that romantic relationships may automatically come to mind you can look forward to blog posts, discussions, polls, and more pertaining to all sorts of relationships this week, not just romantic ones.

Today we will establish what a healthy mindset is behind relationships as well as some definitions of terms that may or may not be used throughout this week.


Relationships: Where you and someone else see each other and or interact with one another frequently.

Toxic: Someone or something continuously causes you physical, mental, and or emotional harm in any way.  

Respect: Consideration of others feelings, thoughts, wishes, experiences, etc

*When other terms come to mind I will define them as needed*

First it is important to understand that we are all human. I believe that if we can acknowledge and accept this fact it will help  a lot with our relationships and especially our familial relationships. We are somehow made to believe that certain family members are obligated to do or be certain things for us and we tend to feel entitled. This is in regards to all familial relationships. For example, children believe that their parents are obligated to provide for them…parents believe that their children are obligated to do as they say when they say without any questions. While these are just two small examples, this way of thinking is what opens doors to unhealthy relationships. 

I am not saying that children should not listen to their parents or that parents should not provide for their children. What I am saying is that your parents are human. Your children, although small, are human. Humans make mistakes, they have feelings, they have desires, they are curious, they have flaws, they are sometimes stubborn…as humans we are all here to learn and sometimes that means we have to experience some not so great things. Sometimes we will treat people terribly and other times we will be treated terribly. Accepting the fact that we are all human it is our job to be compassionate, respectful, empathetic, and understanding of one another regardless of age and/or title; especially when communicating.

I am saying all of that to say that nobody is obligated to do anything for you, not even your parents. While one could say that they are “supposed” to do certain things the reality is that not all parents do. This is the same for all relationships. We believe that people with certain titles have specific roles and because of this owe us certain things but that is just not the case. Life does not come with instruction manuals.

Therefore it is imperative to put in perspective that you being human starts the moment you are born and doesn’t magically disappear when you gain titles. This is the key to healthy and successful relationships. Well this, communication, and accountability.

Writing this post was challenging as I found it hard to put my thoughts into words. Please tap in to the Instagram live video tomorrow where I will better explain what I mean by what you have read today. Follow me and turn on the post notifications so that you won’t miss the live videos. I will announce the time soon.

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  2. Courtney Boykins Avatar
    Courtney Boykins

    I am excited and looking forward to this weeks live !!!


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