I am super excited to talk with you all today, I have some very exciting news. Last week I informed everyone that I would be pushing back the theme and taking a break for the week. The break is over and we are back to our regularly scheduled program. The theme this week is self-care. I look forward to sharing some self care tips and resources with you. This week we will also get a better understanding of what self care is and is not. Self care is extremely essential to your well being and totally not selfish.

We’ve got so much in store this week.

However the theme for this week isn’t the exciting news that I have for you. The exciting news is that in August 2020 I am launching my first business!

The Funky Eclectic is a boutique that houses rare fashion finds that are handpicked by me. When The Funky Eclectic goes live I will not initially be launching the website; however, I will be doing business solely through instagram…so be sure to follow my business page. I am super excited about this and I hope that you all enjoy the items I have selected.

Comment your sizes below: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, jackets..I want to know them all. 

Knowing your sizes will assist me in picking pieces that you all will actually be able to enjoy. 

As we get closer to August, an official date for the launch will be released. Following The Funky Eclectic on instagram would be the best option if you want to be amongst the first to know when we launch. 

Turn on your post notifications for my personal and business page so that you never miss when I post to my page, story, or go live on insta.

Thank you all for your time…much love,


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