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What’s up beautiful people!? I hope that this blog post finds you all in good spirits. Being as though it is the beginning of the week I figured it would be a great idea to debunk some self care myths. Therefore today we are going to do that, there may be more myths but I am only going to discuss seven. As always be sure to share comments, questions, concerns, and love in the comment section below the post. 

Self care is a clearly defined thing.

Although we established a definition for self care on Monday via instagram live, it is important to note that self care looks different for everyone and as a result self care is not a clearly defined thing. What may not be self care for you can be self care for someone else and vice versa.

Self care is optional.

Although we do not always intentionally practice self care on a daily basis, it is extremely essential to our well-being.  So if  I am being completely honest, there is no option. There is no way that you can live a healthy life if you are not practicing self care in some fashion. Getting proper sleep is a form of self care, even though we don’t always get a full eight hours of sleep every night…sleeping isn’t optional. It’s essential.

You need self care because something is wrong with you.

Many times we tend to speak of and intentionally practice self care when someone experiences stressful situations and or burnout; however, self care should be practiced 24/7 and practicing it does not mean that something is wrong with you.  

Self care is choosing between you and others.

Self care is not selfish. Meaning that you do not have to choose between yourself and others. It is instead finding the perfect balance for yourself when it comes to people and things. 

Self care is anything that soothes you.

While self care is not a clearly defined thing and does look different for different people, it is beneficial to know that self care is not classified as anything that soothes you. Example for some people treating yourself to a night of eating out can be self care for someone but if you find that you overindulge in food and or eat to comfort yourself then treating yourself to food is not a form of self care although it may soothe you. Self care is always going to be something that benefits you more than just for that moment of indulging. 

Self care requires resources you do not have.

There are forms of self care that cost money but ultimately self care is free. The only thing that self care requires is that you pay attention to yourself and your body. 

Only certain people can practice self care.

Now that we know practicing self care neither means that something is wrong with you nor requires resources that you do not have, we can eliminate the myth that “only certain people can practice self care.” Self care is for everyone. Literally, everyone.

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