A while ago I asked my Instagram followers, via my Instagram story, if there were any questions they had and wanted answers to. Today I am answering two of those questions:  (1) Why do people say/post things that they actually don’t do? (2) Why don’t people trust the process but want results?

Those two questions go hand in hand. Today we have been programmed to believe that we have the ability to receive things quickly and easily. Somehow without much effort or work. Hence the reason we tend to get upset when our food takes a long time to come or people are “driving as if they have nowhere to go.” These are two questions that may not seem to have true answers but I believe the answers are quite simple, ego. Ego is the identifying self of a person that distinguishes itself from the selves of others and things. Ego is the thought of a false I and therefore makes everything personal. 

What the hell are you talking about Michaela Necol?

Glad that you asked. 

What I am saying is that we, as humans, tend to make everything about us. Just about everything is competition. We inevitably  find a way to make someone or something an “other”. So how does this tie into the two questions, Michaela? Trust me, I am getting there. Since everything appears to be a competition, when scrolling on social media and seeing people post things that you may not have for whatever reason it is likely that you will begin to make that post about you. You may compare yourself in some way, shape, or form. Your ego comes out to play, or terrorize you.

Some people will take this ego trip and find a way to reach “the level” of said “other.” In this instance, this would look like finding ways to achieve the same things it appears this person has, and in recent times many people attribute their “successes” to manifestation. Some people are not fully understanding of what manifestation truly is. As a result, they may post things with the intention of “manifesting” them though fully unaware of the fact that you cannot manifest without action. Others simply post things that they do not do because their ego will not allow them to be “left behind” or “less than” the “others” they have created. More simply put, to appear to be or have something they are not in order to feed their ego. This is also the reason people want results but don’t trust the process…unconsciousness. Ego and unconsciousness are best friends and never seen without one another. If you are fully unaware of how someone reached a certain goal, has luxury material possessions, or is able to do certain things your ego will become hungry and what best friend is going to let their bestie starve? Your ego needs to eat and it wants to be fed now. 

People only post what they want you to see on social media. They do not post the ugly truth behind what it took for them to be where they are. They post the highs. They only show you the glory and it isn’t until they have reached a certain level of success that they will selectively share their struggle and ugly truth. This makes it look easy and therefore drives the unconscious on the outside looking in crazy as hell. People want results and don’t trust the process because they see more of the results than they do the processes.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. I will get around to answer the other questions as the answers come to me. Feel free to comment below some things you would love for me to write about in the comments below. Until next time, lots of love and white light.


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