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It’s Monday y’all! Fridays don’t deserve all the fun. Yep, I said it! From this day forward, thanks to #MeatlessMonday, you will have Mondays to look forward to. With that being said I have decided to share the “vegetarian-ish” side of my life with you all. On #MeatlessMonday you will be able to follow me along on my journey while getting recipes, inspiration, tips, cooking videos, and more.

What better way to start #MeatlessMonday than with a post about how and why I made the transition. 

The Why.

I think it is important to note that while I ate just about anything as a child, around seventh grade I became a “picky eater”. It was around this time that I no longer ate most meats. I would only eat crab legs, shrimp, boneless chicken, pepperonis, bacon, burgers, and hot dogs. This went on for a few years and then my mother decided to no longer eat beef and pork. Being as though I was still living in her household, I rarely ate those things because she did not cook them. At this point I would only eat beef or pork if I went to five guys or ordered pizza. Fast forward to when I moved to North Carolina and was living on my own, I rarely ate meat because I could not cook. 

It is now two thousand and seventeen. I have been learning more about what is beneficial and harmful to our bodies over the past two years and have been debating giving the vegetarian lifestyle a try. The year is coming to a close and I made the decision to make some major life changes. One of them was becoming a vegetarian. Ok, so boom. I basically became a vegetarian because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. I rarely ate meat and was definitely not going to cook it so I figured that I have nothing to lose. 

The How.

“Become a vegetarian.” was written on my new year resolution list for twenty eighteen. I did some research and learned that people tend to revert back after a month or two for various reasons. I took that into consideration and made sure that I would make this as smooth of a transition as possible. This meant I would be a “vegetarian” on my own terms and honestly if we are being technical, I am not a vegetarian by book. Hence the reason I mostly say that I am “vegetarian-ish.” 

I knew that my family and those around me were not educated or familiar with vegetarianism and  I did not want to make things difficult for them or me. Keeping this in mind I decided that I would still eat shrimp since just about every restaurant has a fried shrimp basket. Therefore whenever I went out to eat with other people, I wouldn’t be the reason we can’t eat at certain restaurants. Also, as you know I am from Maryland and baby, I can’t give up the crab legs just yet. 

With all that being said, I decided to be a vegetarian rather quickly and never looked back because I did not force myself into a box and did what works for me. While some may argue that I am not a vegetarian and am instead a pescatarian, if that works for you then cool. I personally choose to use the term vegetarian because I only eat seafood on special occasions or as a last resort. So basically 98% of the time I am living a true vegetarian lifestyle.

Anyway, this is the background of how and why I made the transition to become a vegetarian. I would love to hear your transition stories or any dilemmas, concerns, etc. Be sure to comment, like, and share.

2 responses to “How and why I became a vegetarian.”

  1. Courtney Boykins Avatar
    Courtney Boykins

    ❤️❤️ I feel like if I tried to make a transition to becoming a vegetarian letting go of chicken would be the hardest thing for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Most people I encounter say chicken would be the hardest for them too and a few have said “I can’t give up my steaks.” lol


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