How to Find Your Style.

Last post we jumped right into wardrobe essentials and well, I just think it is important to double back and make sure that you all know exactly what your style is. Knowing your style is very important. However, I am aware that not everyone knows exactly what their style is, so today we will discuss ways in which you can figure it out. 

Keep in mind that this will be trial and error. Within a certain style group there will be pieces and colors that, although are stunning, just do not work for you. Unfortunately you won’t know this until you spend your hard earned money purchasing said items and decide to wear them one day. Anywho, it is definitely worth the hassle!

Here are 4 different ways to help you figure out your style.


One of the easiest ways to figure out your style is to recognize who your style icons are. Pay attention to people whose outfits you always like. Notice the type of things they typically wear. When identifying your style icon(s), you will notice that you almost always, if not always, love every look they have. For example, if you notice that you always love a Teyana Taylor moment then you would need to identify which looks you enjoy most. Teyana Taylor has a comfy street style. She can definitely pull off and does wear more sexy somewhat skimpy clothes and even dresses, but overall I would classify her style as a comfy street style. Identifying your style icon is important because it will give you a starting point. 


Once you have identified your style icons, it is time for you to create a style mood board. Pinterest is always a great place to start. Collect pictures of your style icons in looks that you absolutely love and add them to your style mood board. You would then want to branch out from only choosing photos of your style icons to photos of anyone wearing outfits that fit the overall vibe you have started to develop.


Take a trip down memory lane. Look at old photos of yourself and put aside the photos of you in outfits that you remember being confident in. Ask yourself why you felt so confident in that outfit. Look into your closet and lay out all the outfits you have that make you feel super confident now across your bed. Ask yourself the same question and decide if you feel these outfits currently represent your style, even though you may not know what your style is you will know what it is not, then compare the outfits on your bed to what’s on your style mood board and decide if they fit the vibe.


Make sure that you know what is more important to you: style, comfortability, function, trends, etc.

These four things will assist you in determining a general style, eventually you will be able to hone in on and identify your unique style. Once you give this a try please come back and let us know how it goes!


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