Launching Funky N Frugal is just the beginning of me sharing my love for fashion and style here with you on the blog. Why not start by sharing some of what I believe to be some wardrobe essentials? Today we will only discuss the basics for each category of an outfit.






Other Items

Each category has anywhere from five to ten items. When building your wardrobe it is best to purchase your staple items in the most basic colors. This means black, white, gray and nude. Or at least as close to these colors as possible. This way you can easily mix and match your items until you are certain what your style is or know which styles you want to experiment with. 

In Wardrobe Essentials pt.2 we will begin to break down each category in a more indepth manner. Keep in mind that you will not need to buy all of these at the same time. You can purchase these wardrobe essentials over time. Do not forget to check your closet, I am certain you already have a few items that are on the list.


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