1. Write Your Goals Out For The Next Three Months

This is simply to remind yourself why you are here in the first place. Remembering what you are working for is always a great way to reestablish motivation to continue when in a rough patch. It’s the chill version of a vision board. Though it is important to note that writing out your goals means nothing if you don’t believe that you can achieve them. It is so easy to say “I can do whatever I put my mind to” but you have to ensure that your mind is clear on what you are aiming for. There are three things that you need to do: (1) write down a few measurable goals, (2) check to ensure they are realistic and (3) break them down into achievable steps

I wrote a few of my own goals down (pictured above) to give you a better idea of what this might look like. The bullets at the top would be measurable goals, the parenthesis show how I checked to see if they were realistic, and the arrows show the breakdown for each goal of ways they can be achieved.

  1. Save Motivational Quotes to Your Lock Screen

The amount of time we spend on our phones is crazy! Why not give yourself a bit of motivation every time you check your phone by saving motivational quotes to your home/lock screen. I would also recommend changing the quote every few days or week to ensure that the quote doesn’t become invisible to you. 

  1. Create A Pinterest Board 

That’s right, get on Pinterest and create a motivation board. Save anything that creates good positive emotions in you. You want to save pictures, blog posts, tips, quotes, etc that inspire and motivate you so that you can go back to this board when you are feeling unmotivated. The idea is that viewing this board will spark up some positive thoughts and get your creative juices flowing again. 

When you are feeling unmotivated it is important that you find ways to motivate yourself as soon as possible so that things don’t spiral downward. Save this blog post to revisit when you feel your motivation running low. Also, share some ways that you motivate yourself in the comments below.

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2 responses to “3 Ways To Motivate Yourself”

  1. Khy Ye Avatar

    I love how you broke down the first tip. I’ve also used motivational quotes for my lock screen because I just needed that extra push however I do agree that changing it every so often helps. These were simple, helpful tips & I’m going to try them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Thank you for reading! Yes, I want to make it as easy for you all as possible. 💖 I can’t wait to hear how they work for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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