Before making the decision to relocate to Maryland, I remember stating that I would be a “TikTok star.” My girlfriend asked me what type of videos I would make and I had no idea.  I had not made any videos on TikTok and didn’t even know how to work the app at that point. At the end of December during quarantine I spent hours watching TikTok videos which eventually led me to “Luxury Black Girl TikTok” and I was instantly obsessed. I begin thinking “that is where I belong.” I want to live a life of luxury. I deserve to live a luxurious lifestyle.

I watched Luxury Black Girl TikTok videos for hours. Most of the videos were similar in what they showcased and it got me thinking, what is luxury? All of the videos I watched showcased luxury from a material standpoint and to me luxury was more than that. I googled the word luxury.

To me it seemed that most people hone in on “extravagant living” while for me I could not stop thinking about “the state of great comfort”. At this moment I came to the conclusion that luxury is like success…subjective. I thought long and hard about this until I was able to define luxury in a way that felt good to my soul. A way that I believe fully encompasses luxury and for that I had to look at luxury as a lifestyle. So while yes there are material things that one could consider luxurious, I concluded that luxury itself is a state of being.

Luxury as a State of Being.

A state of being refers to the present quality of your life. So if the present quality of your life is luxurious what might that look like? The most simple and concise way to explain it would be to say that you could do whatever you want, whenever you wanted to. For this reason I believe people mistake living a luxury lifestyle for having luxury items. Though there is nothing luxurious about having high end designer items and struggling to pay your rent. Living in luxury would mean that you have enough resources to obtain and maintain the things that you both want and need. 

Luxury as a state of being is understanding that you have everything you need within you to live the life you dream of and tapping into that power in order to do so. Stick around long enough and I’ll help you get there friend! 😉


2 responses to “Luxury is A State of Being.”

  1.  Avatar

    Yes I totally agree! I really don’t care for Luxurious items. I care more about my quality of life if that makes sense.

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    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Exactly that!!


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