If watching my latest instagram reel made you feel seen, heard, and understood…I led you here to tell you, in a safe space, that you are not ready. Do not quit your 9 to 5 sis. That “sign” you saw while scrolling down your instagram feed wasn’t for you and if you are willing to listen, well read, then I will tell you exactly why. 

For the rest of you, continue reading to find out if you are ready to leave your 9 to 5 to be a full time entrepreneur.

What’s the issue with your 9 to 5

You can start by asking yourself a few questions:

What is the reason that I want to quit?

What am I hoping to get from quitting my job?

What is my dream job and why?

Will leaving my 9 to 5 instantly provide me with what I need to achieve this dream?

How will I make money once I quit?

Take some time to really sit down and think about the answers to these questions. You want to be as honest and thoughtful as possible. Answered genuinely these questions should give you insight into not only what truly matters to you but also what you need in/from a job. Many people believe that they don’t want to work for anyone and that they want to be an entrepreneur but are uncertain what that truly looks like. Most times having a 9 to 5 itself isn’t the issue; it is actually that fact that you are not aware of what is important to you, you do not set work boundaries, and you are not disciplined enough. 


You have to change your mindset first. It is important to understand the power of your thoughts. You have a job and should be grateful for that. Even if the current job you are working isn’t your “dream job” expressing gratitude for that which you currently have shifts your way of thinking. Having gratitude allows you to be accepting of the present which opens your mind to the idea that you are where you are supposed to be. This mindset encourages you to make the most out of your current situation, for the sake of this post, your job. 

So what you aren’t making money and paying your bills doing something you love. There are things for you to learn and people you need to meet that will help you become the woman that you need to be in order to appreciate and sustain the life you dream of. If you do not change your mindset you will continue to go to work on a low vibrational energy which will cause you more anguish than necessary, pushing you further from being “ready.” You do not have to love the job to go there and give your best authentic self while soaking up all the knowledge and experience readily available to you, you just need to be disciplined.


Being able to follow through and show up for yourself takes discipline and dedication. Having discipline means that you are able to make smart small decisions that will get you closer to your goals on a daily basis. It means that even when you are not in the mood or feeling motivated, you can still do what needs to be done in order for you to reach your goals. Quitting your 9 to 5 doesn’t mean that you will work less hours or that you won’t have to work as hard. It does mean that you will not have anyone to answer to. That you can stay in bed all day or spend endless hours scrolling on instagram and TikTok if you choose. Quitting your 9 to 5 to be a full time entrepreneur means that you will need to be able to depend on yourself to do the work!

Here are some affirmations to help you out:

I am a reliable source.

I show up for myself on a daily basis.

I can count on me.

I trust myself.


While I would not say that finances are the most important thing when it comes to determining if you are ready to quit your 9 to 5, I will say that having your finances in order will definitely help. If you have been living paycheck to paycheck, quitting your 9 to 5 as taking a “leap of faith” to be a full time entrepreneur can be a terrible idea if you do not know how you are going to pay your bills. That uncertainty will pose as more of a distraction than anything. Your focus will be how to make quick money and fast money usually never lasts. It is a good idea to have a few months of bills saved up to give yourself peace of mind and space to devote your all to your goals. 

So are you ready to quit your 9 to 5?

Most Likely:

You have discipline and are able to depend on yourself to complete your “to-do” lists.

You know how to set SMART goals.

You have great time management skills.

You believe that no matter where you go you need to do your best and be your authentic self.

You can honestly say that you have learned all that you can learn at your job.

You have six months of bills saved up.

You are accepting of the idea that you are where you are supposed to be.

Probably Not:

You think that your 9 to 5 is the issue and/or reason for you not having achieved your goals.

You think that all you need to succeed is more time.

You do not give your all at your current place of employment.

You do not know who you are.

You are not comfortable being your authentic self.

Your account is in the negative. 

You are unable to honestly answer the questions from the beginning of the post.

If you are someone who quit your 9 to 5 to become a full time entrepreneur, were there any indications that you were ready to do so? What were some of the challenges?

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