There have been so many youtube videos, instagram reels, and blog posts about the Spring fashion trends we can expect to see this year. With the first day of spring quickly approaching (March 20th) I wanted to give you some quick encouragement to not lose yourself in the trends. 

Trends come and go. Do not throw away all of your old clothes to fill your closet with Spring trends. Instead, try to find ways to incorporate the trends into your style and aesthetic. You want to use the trends to your advantage. Allow them to add something extra to your style, not change it. High end designers and fashion magazines tend to determine the trends of the seasons and sometimes, like this year, they aren’t on the exact same page. For example, both ultra mini skirts and maxi skirts were predicted trends for this spring; styles on total opposite ends of the spectrum. My point is that you do not have to participate in every trend. Take the ones that interest you and fit into your personal style. Shop trends the same way you shop everything else. 

This is not an extensive list of spring trends but here are some I wanted to share.

Check out some 2022 Spring Trends I will definitely be Sporting this Year:

Bold Colors (Color Blocking) – I am super excited about orange and green for some reason this year.


Mini Cardigan Shirts

Bridal (All White)

Monochromatic Looks

Drama and Movement

Sheer, Cut Outs, and Strappy Tops

Platform Heels

2 Spring Trends I will NOT be wearing:


Ultra Mini Skirts

Even though I will not be participating in these two trends I am interested to see how people rock these ultra mini skirts. If you have not seen one please go look it up. They are tiny!

Are there any Spring fashion trends that you are looking forward to this year? Which trends are you staying away from?


4 responses to “Spring 2022 Fashion Trends”

  1.  Avatar

    I’m so excited for the spring fashion trends! I never knew that a ultra mini skirt existed lol I just looked it up and I can’t deal lol !


    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Lol Exactly!! Neither can I. Which are you most excited for?


  2. Nicole Mölders Avatar

    You are 100% right. Super mini and low rise are the worst trends this season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Someone who gets it! 💖


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