For years I have been making it a goal to attend an event/seminar/webinar that would benefit me and my personal goals and dreams. I would register for events and find an excuse not to attend every single time. This year however, I made the decision to show up for myself and I have in more ways than I could have ever imagined. When researching upcoming DMV events for my monthly newsletter I came across a “Free Content Day” event held in Washington, DC that was put together by The Social Tea. I noticed that a style influencer I follow on instagram | irregular_wear | was hosting the event and that the tickets were free, all I had to do was register. I immediately registered for the event and went to find The Social Tea on instagram. 

The Social Tea is a networking community for women across America. They host various events around the US that empower women to become better versions of themselves in all aspects of life through networking and building community. I love it for them and me, immediately follow! 

Photo taken by a photographer who came to the event. Instagram: goode_visions

The morning of the event the excuses began to spew like vomit but I was determined to go. At this point there was more on the line than simply not attending an event. Going to this event meant that I would be showing up for myself, it would mean that in my eyes I was worthy of the investment. Attending this event meant everything. Shout out to my girlfriend and sister for the extra push I needed to follow through.

Attending this event taught me five things that I want to share with you! 

1.    It’s okay to be nervous, do it anyway.

If you allow your nervousness to be the decision maker of your life you will miss out on everything. Just think about how many times you were nervous before some of your greatest memories.

2.    Networking is easier than you think.

Just be yourself, engage with others, ask questions and offer your knowledge/assistance. 

Photo taken by a content creator who came to the event. She also gave me this pose to do and I love it!
Instagram: tralinedenita

3.    Life is better with other people.

I said what I said, period. Find your tribe.

4.    Nobody cares as much as you think. 

We were literally on the sidewalk in DC (as people were walking around) taking pictures, walking back and forth, changing shoes/clothes/accessories, and more. There were a few people who asked to take pictures with us and a few who clapped as we tried to do some synchronized group videos. There were even a number of black men who complimented us as they went by. My point is, no one cares that you are taking pictures of yourself in public. Create your content sis! 

5.    Invest in yourself no matter how scary or small it may be. 

There are many ways that you can invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is not strictly limited to monetary investments. No matter how scary or small the investment may be, invest in yourself. 

Overall I learned so much about myself at this short event, achieved some goals, and met some talented black women that I will be working with in the future. All thanks to me deciding to finally make the decision to do push pass my nervousness.

I challenge you to do something you have been wanting to do but were too nervous to go through with it.

The next Free Content Day is May 21st. RSVP here.

3 responses to “5 Things I learned From Attending My First Creative Event.”

  1. Tia Danielle Avatar

    These were great! So glad I met you ladies who are now a part of my tribe 📸🤗❤️


  2. Tia Danielle Avatar

    These were great! I’m so glad to have met you ladies who are now officially a part of my tribe 📸❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Yessss!! Me too. I’m so happy I went I’ll see you again soon! 💖


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