The Funky Eclectic has always been more than a blog. Though for a while now we have been solely known as a Personal Development/Luxury Lifestyle Blog. It is with great excitement that I announce our transition from being known as The Funky Eclectic blog to The Funky Eclectic, LLC. While our mission will not change, the way in which we fulfill it will. There is so much more room now to expand our reach and many more angles available to fulfill our mission. As a company we will continue to help black women enter the fabulous realm of luxury through travel experiences, fashion, personal development, community, and every other way that we can. As black women we are often forced to be things that we are not, do not want to be, or simply have no other choice than to be. We are often overlooked, overworked, and under appreciated. Even in all of our glory and grace we are the sacrifice. The Funky Eclectic, LLC strives to show us, black women, that we do not have to sacrifice ourselves for others. You deserve a life of luxury and The Funky Eclectic, LLC will help you get it!

To ensure a smooth transition, we have created a company instagram account that will keep you up to date on all things The Funky Eclectic, LLC. In the bio you will find all of our official instagram accounts. It is important to note that these are our only instagram accounts. 

You will also see some changes on as our domain transitions from our blog site to our official company website. The blog will still be accessible from the website and will remain a huge part of TFELLC. However, in the coming months there will be some really exciting things being added to our website including group trips and the ability to shop our resale store. For now be sure to follow us on instagram at thefunkyeclecticllc and turn on post notifications so that you are alerted the moment we post, you don’t want to miss out on what we have in store!

We will be making an announcement that you don’t want to miss on Wednesday!


2 responses to “Exciting News”

  1. Ericsha King Avatar
    Ericsha King

    So happy for you !


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