Today makes exactly 4 months until I turn 30 years old. In my early twenties I dreaded my 30th birthday. It felt like my life would be over and I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to show for it. That once I turned 30, I would spend the rest of my life doing whatever I was doing at the time. Today I know that this is far from the truth.

As my 28th birthday approached, I began to get excited about turning 30. I started to feel completely opposite of the way I once did about getting older. I truly started to believe that I would be entering a new life and I was excited about it. Infact, during my entire 29th year on earth I have referred to turning 30 as entering my “next new life”.

The theme of my Next New Life is action. I am going to do everything I have ever wanted to do. I will be exactly who I want to be. I will look exactly how I want to look. I will live exactly how I want to live. I will be financially free. I will show up for myself. I will always choose me. My Next New Life is a second chance at truly living and I won’t mess it up people pleasing or worry about what others think of me.

I know that I will not wake up on my 30th birthday and be this woman I speak of if I do not put in some work. I know that it won’t be easy and that it will probably resemble a game a Chutes and Ladders, but I am ready. I have already started taking action over my life; going to therapy, reprioritizing, booking trips, unlearning and learning, setting boundaries, etc. I have a lot more work to do but it will get done.

Moral of the story is that I am turning 30 in 4 months which means that you have 4 months to mourn the uncertain, no boundary having, people pleasing, put everybody before herself Michaela you’ve known for 29 years because in 4 months she will no longer exist.

Here’s to action…that YouTube channel I always wanted to start. First video will be live today (10/28/2022) at 8pm.


3 responses to “4 Months to 30: There is still time.”

  1. Ericsha King Avatar
    Ericsha King

    I am happy about the new life decisions you’re making. ❤️


  2.  Avatar

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I loved this!! I’m excited for your “Next New Life”! Rip old Michaela !✌🏾


    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Thank you!! I appreciate you reading the post. I am so excited.


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