Michaela Necol

Welcome friend! 💛 I am so glad that you have decided to join me here at The Funky Eclectic. I am Michaela |My-Kayla| Necol, the lady behind the laptop. Having accepted the fact that I will never have all the answers, I won’t always win or receive every apology deserved, I am willing to live and love fearlessly. Life is about being present in every moment. It is about experiences. Travel with me down the beautiful, bumpy road of self discovery and hopefully you will meet yourself along the way.

The Funky Eclectic

It is our mission to encourage and empower women of color to uncover who they truly are and become the best version of themselves by sharing knowledge, experiences, resources, and compassion. To show you how to unconditionally love and accept the many aspects of who you are. The Funky Eclectic will encourage you to walk down those dark roads of your past and present while holding a light for you to see the end of the tunnel. We will laugh, learn, cry, eat, and take adventures together. We will be sisters, for life!