Michaela Necol

Pushing thirty and still haven’t figured it all out yet. Hell, I am not so sure that I’d ever have it all figured out. Took me this long to accept that. To fully understand that life is truly about experiences and love. There weren’t any instructions given to our parents and all we have to go off is what we saw before us as did they. Everyday I learn new things about myself and who I truly am. It’s a never ending journey to self discovery. Sometimes it’s scary and the road is really bumpy but I promise it will all be worth it in the end.

Our History

As some of you know I have had more blog sites than I can count on one hand and even more social media handles. Mainly due to the fact that I have always selected names based on how I was feeling at that time or something I was in need of. With that being said, eventually things change. How I am feeling changes, what I am in need of changes, who I am changes. I change. I change and that’s okay. There are many different aspects of who I am. Many different characteristics and personalities, some that may contradict others but it’s who I am and I am learning to accept that.

So this time around I have decided to choose a name that will allow me to grow. 

Welcome to

An encouraging and supportive platform created to share my life experiences as a way of normalizing many feelings and thoughts we, as black women, have. The Funky Eclectic is who I am and by sharing my most vulnerable self, I hope to create a platform that fosters authenticity, love, and understanding amongst colorful women alike. I will help you achieve goals you didn’t think you could!

-Michaela Necol