Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shoreline. – Andre Gide

  1. Scuba dive
  2. Ride an elephant
  3. Go Horseback riding on a beach
  4. Take an African dance class
  5. Take boxing lessons
  6. Plan a kickass 10yr class reunion
  7. Go to an escape room and escape
  8. Skinny Dip
  9. Ride the top 5 roller coasters of the world
  10. Get a mouth grill
  11. Be Published
  12. Go to a nude beach
  13. Graduate from college
  14. Sew something that I can wear
  15.  Attend a silent party
  16. Attend Mardi Gras in NOLA
  17. Purchase a house as rental property
  18. Go on a cruise
  19. See a drag show
  20. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  21. Host a game night
  22. Ride a mechanical bull
  23. See Las Vegas showgirls
  24. Take a pole dancing class
  25. Get a bikini wax
  26. Flip a house
  27. Visit all 50 states
  28. Go out of the country
  29. Have a professional photo shoot
  30. Get published in a magazine
  31. Have my palm read
  32. Own a successful business
  33. Live on a school bus full time and travel the world
  34. Get a professional massage
  35. Clean up my credit
  36. Pay off my student loans
  37. Sell something online
  38. Do a food challenge
  39. Decorate a beautiful cake
  40. Eat something seen on “Man vs. Food”
  41. Leave a $100 tip for a server
  42. Pick fruit from a tree
  43. Learn to surf
  44. Catch a wave on a surfboard
  45. Join a group on “meetup” and ATTEND
  46. Start a blog
  47. Start a YouTube channel
  48. Attend a free seminar
  49. Be a mentor
  50. Get a mentor
  51. Start a #LittleFreeLibrary
  52. Help someone check off something from their bucket list
  53. Learn to say “hello” in 10 different languages
  54. Learn to say “Thank you” in 10 languages
  55. Take a belly dance class
  56. Learn archery
  57. Grow and maintain a garden
  58. Go paint balling
  59. Paddle boat
  60. Explore a cave
  61. Speedboat
  62. Swim with dolphins
  63. Ride a camel
  64. Go on a party bus
  65. Ride a jet ski
  66. Travel out of state by train
  67. Ride Megabus
  68. Ride a segway
  69. Fly first class
  70. Sleep in a hostel
  71. Vacation with a stranger
  72. Visit the Whistle Stop Café
  73. Learn to float
  74. Create my own cocktail
  75. Meet a celebrity
  76. Give back
  77. Go skydiving
  78. Get a morning routine
  79. Manage my money to a T
  80. Start a memory jar
  81. See Pompeii
  82. Become a mom
  83. Swim under a waterfall
  84. Get married
  85. Host a holiday at my house
  86. Buy a horse
  87. Adopt a child
  88. Become an aunt
  89. Win a contest
  90. Milk a cow
  91. Go on a no phones vacation
  92. Have a $500 emergency cash fund
  93. Become a grandmother
  94. Ride in a hot air balloon
  95. Be a member in a studio audience
  96. Come up with a signature dish
  97. Move to Arizona
  98. Go on a sister vacation
  99. Plan a cousin trip
  100. Parasail
  101. Meet someone with my name
  102. Go horseback riding
  103. Move out of state
  104. Have a picnic