Another Monday Inside.

I ate two packs of double stuffed Oreos in three days. Yes, the pack that you buy from the grocery store with three rows that are meant to be put in the kids lunches. I think that’s what they’re meant for, *shrugs* I always eat them alone. I’ve been exercising and meditating daily. Have even started drinking a gallon of water everyday. 

I haven’t really watched anything on Netflix. Well, I watched one movie called “OtherLife” and started, but haven’t finished, the highly talked about Tiger King. Let me just say that every single one of them is SICK! I shall finish it tonight. 

Honestly, I’ve just really been using this time to relax, reflect, reconnect, and realign in every way possible. What have you been doing?

Have you gotten into the swing of things? Have you started a new routine? Done something you’ve been wanting to do but didn’t have the time to?

Let me know in the comments. 


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