Friendship is something that I am extremely interested in. It is pretty ironic being as though at this point in life I wouldn’t consider myself to have friends based on what I believe a true friendship looks like. Though others may believe that I do based on theirs. Therefore, this is just one of many posts regarding this topic. I guess you could say a slight introduction. Anyway. 

A few days ago I took to instagram and asked a few questions regarding friendship that had been on my mind. In this post I want to share those questions and answers with you.

A little background info.

Growing up I always had a group of girls that I ran with. Long story short, I am not friends with any of them now. We just grew apart. On social media I would always see people posting about their childhood friends or pictures with them. Even my sisters have childhood friends that they still hang with. I would then always wonder why I didn’t. Some time later I am scrolling on twitter and come across a tweet that said something like “if you don’t have any childhood friends there is something wrong with you” or something along those lines. From that moment on the idea of a “childhood friend” has always been in the back of my mind. 

Fast forward.

I still don’t have any childhood friends and wouldn’t even say I have friends yet. 

I was talking to a girl that I used to run with in high school and realized that we just don’t fit each other’s lives anymore but we are trying to hang on to something that was once there. This prompted the questions.

After asking this I realized that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have childhood friends. I needed that. 

I then went back and asked two follow up questions that I believed would give me a better insight on some reason why I don’t have any childhood friends.

From those who answered yes to having childhood friends and actually responded to the follow up questions, I was informed that it is in fact hard(er) to maintain those relationships. Question two however received mixed responses. Though one response on rekindling old friendships was that they realized the old friendship held value in their life that they couldn’t see at such a young age. 

I am here seeking your answers to these questions. 

  1. Do you have any friends from 7th grade or younger?


  1. Do you find it hard(er) to maintain those friendships?
  2. Have you two always been friends or did you find your way back into each others lives?

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