Truth be told, today is actually supposed to be the last day of the reflection series but because I am so intelligent I somehow counted two extra questions 😂. No biggie though, this just means that I get to be creative with the last two days of the series. As always your girl gotcha back, see previous #ndordtp here. As you may have noticed from yesterday’s reflection post, today we are not so much presented with a question and instead an exercise of gratitude. If you are not comfortable sharing in the comments below, write your responses in a personal journal. 

Day 7: List and describe 5 things you are grateful for.

Five things that I am grateful for:

  1. Nature

This pandemic has caused everything to close and the only thing we can truly do is go out on the porch or take a walk. Before all of this started I had a love for nature but it wasn’t until this all took place that I realized how grateful I am for nature. There has always been something about being in nature that recharges me. During this time it is such a relief to still be able to go outside for a walk/run, visit Maymont Farm, hike, sit by the lake, and even sit in the middle of nature at a park. It is extremely soothing and brings me a sense of peace.

  1. My Girlfriend

Yall, I am so grateful for Courtney. She is my best friend. Being able to have someone around you who loves and accepts you for who you truly are is such a blessing. Typically in relationships it is easy to lose yourself and I did in my previous relationship but Courtney encourages me to explore my interest and supports everything that I do. Since being with her I have fallen in love with myself all over again. Because of her encouragement and support I have come to terms with and address things that I never thought I would. 

  1. Creativity

There are so many things that I not only enjoy but am actually interested in and for the most part they involve expression of creativity. I am grateful that I have creative ability and have even more gratitude for my ability to act on this creativity allowing it to grow. This time has given me the opportunity to hone in on my gifts and crafts. I am grateful for this.

  1. Books

I love reading. Now if you knew me when I was younger you would be surprised at that statement because I hated reading. While I am not so keen on reading material that I did not choose, I am still able to do so and actually remember what I read about. Growing up I wasn’t able to do that and therefore hated reading…even though I was really good at it. Anyway, I am grateful for books because there are so many and on so many different topics. I love memoirs and books that teach me things. I am grateful for the authors who choose to share their stories and for the lessons and knowledge written in them. 

  1. Technology

I am nervous of where technology will eventually take us but am grateful for the advances it has made. Being as though we are currently in a state of quarantine, and have been for two months now, it is a blessing to have technology like facetime and social media. These things have allowed me to stay connected and close to family. I am in a different state than my family and have been for five years so I am extremely grateful for technology because it has kept me connected to family and friends while five hours away.

Thank you so much for your participation in  9 Days of Reflection During The Pandemic series. Be sure to follow me on instagram because I have a feeling that day eight will take place there. I will try to come back and link whatever it is on the blog but tap in just in case.


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