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Thank you to everyone who joined me on instagram live yesterday. As always it was pleasure chatting with you! We talked a little about intentional and unintentional self care practices amongst a few other things. Babe came home and we were able to open a package full of cannabis infused treats on the camera. I also mentioned some self care music by a black male artist and gave three tips to effective self care. So basically, that instagram live was packed with lots of goodies. I did save it so go watch it and drop a “girl behind the laptop’ emoji in the comments so that I know you came from the blog.

As promised in the live video, here are some Instagram accounts I think that you should definitely follow.  They are pro self care, informative, and inspiring. There are many pro self care Instagram accounts that you can follow but these are the first seven Instagram accounts, in no specific order, that I have decided to share with you. I have attached some screenshots of posts from their feed so that you can see what they offer. If you see some posts that you like, go ahead and follow them. 


This account is catered to encouraging black women to practice self care. I believe Brown Girl Self Care to be very empathetic, understanding, and aware of the fact that not all black women have the same story or come from the same circumstances. This account seems to take this knowledge and create content that touches all black women along the spectrum.


This account was created by Alex Elle, who I would say is widely know for her daily inspirational sticky notes, affirmations, and gentle reminders. In fact, following her personal page is a great idea too. On her Self Care Sessions account she seems to have taken this inspiration a step further and created a community and safe space for learning and healing as she offers workshops, retreats, and online courses.


“Promoting positivity and spreading love…helping people grow and develop the self love needed.” Riinspires is a beautifully curated motivational account. Something about the butterfly emoji and soft bright colors make the messages feel as if they are coming from a place of love. This account post inspirational post that remind you of your worth and that flowers take time to bloom.


This is a “health and wellness account for colored girls who need a safe space.” On Black Girls Can Heal you will find all things black girl magic in the realm of health and wellness. They post inspirational reminders and notes, a black therapist of the week, Instagram accounts you should follow, and so much more. Not to mention the cute little graphics in their posts.


Therapy For Black Girls is a mental health resource for women of color. On their Instagram account you can find very informative igtv videos, affirmations, inspirational quotes, tips, tasks, reminders, books to read, journal prompts, and honestly the list goes on. Talk about an Instagram account that’s aesthetically pleasing and substansive.


Just as the name suggests, this account is all about black mental wellness. I believe this account to be structured in a way to break generational curses. Not only does this account inspire and uplift you it educated you in a way that calls you to put action behind the things your read from their page. Black Mental Wellness is ran by four black women and this can be what contributes to the depth their page holds.


This account is super neat to me because it’s as if a friend is having real raw conversations with you. You know, telling you things you need to hear in a way that’s like “don’t trip, I got you.” The language behind the inspirational quotes on their page scream home-girl vibes. Their reminders are also light and could really be a “that came right on time” for just about anyone. Let’s just say, I am glad that I follow them.

Alright girls, that’s all I have for today. Please, please, please, let me know if you all enjoyed this post and if you would love to read more content like this. Also, if you know of any accounts that are pro self care, wellness, and mental health be sure to drop the accounts in the comment section below or share them with me via Instagram direct message.  Until next time…lots of love, white light, peace, and good energy!

2 responses to “Seven Instagram Accounts You Must Follow”

  1. Khy Ye Avatar

    I needed this, thank you.

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    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      You’re welcome, Thank you for reading!!


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