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It has been a minute since I last posted, I know. My apologies yall, so much has been happening but that’s a post for another day. I had been wanting to write something for a minute but  lacked motivation and creative juices. We back though, and I got a new post for y’all about friendship. 

If you have been following me for some time now I am sure you know where I stand on friends and friendship. Honestly speaking I have trust issues, suck at being vulnerable, and am emotionally detached most of the time. Hence the reason my friendship basket is looking weak. Lately though, I have been seriously thinking about how much better I need to be at friendships and relationships with people in general. Then signs started rolling in, you know subtle messages from costar, twitter, books, and podcast about how much better my life would be if I connected and collaborated with others. The go out network and make friends vibe. 

I then started thinking about my relationships with people over the years and well I am here to apologize. It became clear to me as I reflected on these past relationships, and listened to episode 156 of The Black Girl Bravado podcast, that I am pretty bad at friendships. I am a great person and that seems to have translated to some people, including myself, that I am a great friend but in order for there to be friendship things have to be mutual. With that being said, I want to apologize for being a sucky friend to so many. I promise to be a better one to those who are still hanging on and to those who will come along in the future. 

Point is that sometimes you have to look at your situation and objectively analyze it without passing any judgement upon yourself. If there are aspects or areas of your life that you are not satisfied with, take a moment and reflect on past years to see if there are any common factors or trends and change them. 

Even though I am outgoing and very social, making and maintaining actual friendships is clearly something I struggle with due to my inability to be vulnerable but I am willing to try and will be sharing some of this journey with you. 

In the comments I want to know:

Are all of your friendships mutual? What is the longest you have been friends with someone? Do you think you have been a great friend? If not, why? If you have, what makes you a great friend?


3 responses to “I’ve Been A Sucky Friend.”

  1. You are grown. – The Funky Eclectic Avatar

    […] my last post, I’ve Been A Sucky Friend, I speak on some of my issues with relationshipping (I may or may not have just made that word up […]


  2. Khy Ye Avatar

    Believe it or not COVID is what opened my eyes to the fact that my friendships have been one-sided for way too long. The longest I’ve been friends with someone is about 8-9 years (I can’t remember exactly which) and I feel like I’ve been a great friend when I’m allowed to be for people. I feel like I’m that “break glass in case of emergency” friend. I was keeping friendships alive because I love and value people hard, but I saw the damage it was doing to me so I had to change my ways.

    I really enjoyed this post. The first step to greatness is to be able to see where you felt you went wrong so that you can fix it. I wish you the best of luck on the betterment of your friendship journey.

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    1. Michaela Necol Avatar

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! I completely understand the dragging on of relationships due to history and past experiences. I am glad you were able to realize that it was time to let go. Thank you again!

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